Top 50 des meilleurs albums hard rock et metal de 2014.

 Comme à la fin de chaque année, la webradio marocaine dresse sa liste des 50 meilleurs albums hard rock, heavy metal, progressif, thrash, doom, stoner, sludge, black, death...
 Voici ci-dessous, le top album de 2014 que vous pouvez commenter, compléter mais surtout, partager!

Anwarock radio rock & metal

01- Slipknot: ".5: The Gray Chapter"
02- At the Gates: "At War with Reality"
03- Of Mice & Men: "Restoring Force"
04- Opeth: "Pale Communion"
05- Motionless in White: "Reincarnate"
06- Behemoth: "The Satanist"
07- Mastodon: "Once More ‘Round the Sun"
08- Judas Priest: "Redeemer of Souls"
09- Machine Head: "Bloodstone & Diamonds"
10- Triptykon: "Melana Chasmata"
11- Insomnium: "Shadows of the Dying Sun"
12- Septicflesh: "Titan"
13- Every Time I Die: "From Parts Unknown"
14- Godflesh: "A World Lit Only by Fire"
15- The Pretty Reckless: "Going to Hell"
16- Killer Be Killed: "Killer Be Killed"
17- Agalloch: "The Serpent & The Sphere"
18- Pallbearer: "Foundations of Burden"
19- Crosses: "Crosses"
20- Black Label Society: "Catacombs of the Black Vatican"
21- Black Veil Brides: "Black Veil Brides"
22- Body Count: "Manslaughter"
23- Suicide Silence: "You Can’t Stop Me"
24- Godsmack: "1000hp"
25- Exodus: "Blood In, Blood Out"
26- Allegaeon: "Elements of the Infinite"
27- Misery Index: "The Killing Gods"
28- Accept: "Blind Rage"
29- Vader: "Tibi et Igni"
30- Yob: "Clearing the Path to Ascend"
31- Overkill "White Devil Armory"
32- Ne Obliviscaris: "Citadel"
33- Ghost Brigade: "IV- One With The Storm"
34- Mors Principium Est: "Dawn Of The 5th Era"
35- Saor: "Aura"
36- Helevorn: "Compassion Forlorn"
37- Kauan: "Muistumia"
38- Nightingale: "Retribution"
39- Ancient Bards: "A New Dawn Ending"
40- Soen: "Tellurian"
41- Epica: "The Quantum Enigma"
42- Empyrium: "The Turn Of The Tides"
43- Darkspace: "Dark Space III"
44- Elvenking: "The Pagan Manifesto"
45- Triosphere: "The Heart Of The Matter"
46- Eyehategod: "Eyehategod"
47- Animals As Leaders: "The Joy Of Motion"
48- Crowbar: "Symmetry In Black"
49- Incantation: "Dirges Of Elysium"
50- The Atlas Moth: "The Old Believer"

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