Equilibrium présente sa nouvelle bassiste Jen Majura.

Jen Majura sur la radio metal du Maroc

 Le groupe de folk metal allemand Equilibrium vient de dévoiler via sa page Facebook, le nom de celle qui succèdera à Sandra Völkl. La bassiste Jen Majura vient ainsi compléter le line-up et voici le communiqué en anglais du combo:
 "Dear Equi fans! First of all, a big thank you to all those incredible reactions to our new album, we are really overwhelmed!  We have another fantastic news for you:  Since today Equilibrium are complete again! The position on the bass guitar will be filled with Jen Majura, perhaps some of you may know her from Knorkator. We are very proud to have found such an excellent musician and the rehearsal room is allready full of energie! So, say hello to Jen and welcome her with us in the big Equi-family! Welcome aboard Jen!"

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